Sunday, April 24, 2011

Updated Class pages!

I have updated the class pages with some pictures of the student projects. The students have been working very hard, and here is an opportunity to showcase their work.

The fifth grade presented their family trees and we graphed the different countries we came from. Ms. Matthews' class is colored solidly, Ms. Smith's class is shown with stripes.

The countries are (starting from left):
Germany, Ireland, England, Native American, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France,  Bohemia (Eastern Europe, Czech) India, Denmark, Mexico, Scotland, Holland, Wales

5th grade band this week is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

A few important dates coming up to mark on calendars:

1. Concert May 10
2. Little Mustang Relays May 13
3. Field Trip to Iowa Hall of Pride May 20
4. Last day of School May 27

Also, here is a website for anyone wanting to learn more about farming. It has 12 interactive games, videos, quizzes, and other things to check out.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Tree Project

Hello! Here are the requirements for the family tree project in case the student information paper is lost.

Each student will need to complete a family tree back at least four generations. The goal of the project is to find when and where the families emigrated from. The class will be making a graph comparing dates and nationalities. The students will begin presenting April 18, 19, and 21. I will add the list of when students are presenting later this week. **This project is to be completed at home with the help of family. Class time will be used on another project of inventions.

Requirements include:

1. Family Tree
    a. (15 pts) Four generations (names and years)
    b. (15 pts) One fact about each person told to us when presenting. Students may make notes or write them down to practice, but should tell them to us conversationally. Facts may include, but not limited to where born, where lived, occupation, nickname, etc.
    c. (5 pts) who and when the family immigrated to the USA
    d. (5 pts) the countries of emigration

2. Biography
    a. (10 pts) A short biography of one family member from the family tree, may also be an aunt, uncle, etc. The bio should be written in paragraph form as a short essay. Students amy interview a family member to get the information. Each fact filled sentence is worth one point. Possible questions include, but are not limited to:
- What is your full name? How was is selected for you?
- Where did you live? How did you come to live there?
- What was the house like? (description of home; i.e. telephone, plumbing)
-What is your earliest childhood memory? What is your fondest memory?
-What was school like?
-What did you do in your free time? What games did you play?
-Are there any physical characteristics that run in the family?

**There have been some concerns from students how have not been able to find dates for some family members or some of their names. I want to the students to ask, talk to family members, and research their history. I will keep in mind that some families just don't have those records, but the students still need to try their best to find them.