Friday, August 21, 2015

TeleStory App

Here are some examples of the TeleStory app. I could see this being used to share class news with parents.

**WARNING: The information provided in the clips is not factual. I don't know what's for lunch. Or what the activities are. Or what the weather is doing.

Funny Movie Maker

Ms. Smith learned about some new apps and strategies this summer. Check out a few of them!

The Funny Movie Make app can be used to retell a story, share research, or create a book trailer.

**WARNING: The info provided in the clips is not accurate. I was just making things up. Please do not use as a resource for a research paper.

Welcome back!

Welcome back! If you are looking for the links from last year, check under the page called 2014-2015. We will add new links to the grade pages as we go through the year. 

Student projects will be posted on the home page of the blog. I will add tags to the posts so they are easier to find again at a later date. 

The list of labels has been added to the blog instead of the search bar. You will be able to find posts on the home page of the blog but not on the grade pages.